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Rhiannon Grant lives in Birmingham, UK. Her previous publications include academic work in Quaker Studies and ‘Telling the Truth about God’, an exploration of Quaker uses of religious language (John Hunt Press/Christian Alternative, 2019). She also writes on feminism, queer theory, and multiple religious belonging, as well as poetry, blog posts, and fiction. This is her first published novel, inspired by a life-long fascination with British prehistory and extensive travel, often with her family, around the British Atlantic coast. Her hobbies include visiting stone circles, megalithic tombs, holy wells, ancient churches, old trees, gardening, reading books and maps, social media, and sending postcards to her partner. She works at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre as Tutor for Quaker Roles where she teaches short courses. Through the Centre for Research in Quaker Studies, she also works with the University of Birmingham as Honorary Lecturer in Modern Quaker Thought.

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