Book Contract

Below is our standard contract: we are a small press and do not pay advances. We publish e-book only but can arrange for paper copies.
Reversions are outlined in paragraph 2), royalty rates in paragraph 11)

made this [DATE] day of [MONTH], [YEAR] between
[AUTHOR REAL NAME] also known as [PSEUDONYM IF USED] (“the Author”) for themselves and their successors of the one part
MANIFOLD PRESS of 115 Stanney Lane, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, CH65 9AJ (“the Publisher”) for themselves, their successors and assigns of the other part
with regard to a work (“the Work”) presently entitled [TITLE] by [AUTHOR].


1) In this Agreement the word “they” shall be understood to include “he” or “she” the word “their” to include “his” or “hers” and the word “themselves” to include “himself” or “herself” and these words shall be understood as either singular or plural where the context demands.
2) The Author grants to the Publisher certain limited exclusive rights as follows: to publish distribute and sell the Work in electronic form in the United Kingdom and via the Internet to other countries in the English language and for a term of two years from the date of publication with an option to renew the Agreement at the end of this period only with the written consent of both parties.
3) All rights not specifically granted to the Publisher are reserved to the Author including but not limited to paperback hardback and audiobook rights which if sought will be subject to a separate agreement.
4) This Agreement may not be assigned by either party without the written consent of the other party hereto.
5) The Author shall retain the right to assign payments hereunder without obtaining the Publisher’s consent.
6) This Agreement shall be binding on the parties and their respective heirs administrators successors and assigns.
7) In the event of an infringement by any other party of the rights granted under this Agreement to the Publisher, the Publisher and the Author shall have the right to sue jointly for the infringement and after deducting the expenses of bringing suit to share equally in any recovery. If either party chooses not to join in the suit the other party may proceed and after deducting all the expenses of bringing the suit any recovery shall be shared equally between the parties.
Preparation of the manuscript
8) On or before [DATE MANUSCRIPT RECEIVED] the Author shall deliver to the Publisher a completed manuscript of approximately [WORD COUNT] words and will conform to the Publisher’s submission guidelines. The manuscript shall be in the following form: computer files (e.g. .doc, .docx .odt .rtf or .txt). If the Author fails to deliver the completed manuscript within fifteen days of receiving notice from the Publisher of late delivery the Publisher has the right to terminate this Agreement.
9) The Author agrees to obtain all permissions that are necessary for the use of materials copyrighted by others, and agrees that the Publisher is not responsible for any financial liability incurred in acquiring such permissions. Copies of such permissions shall be provided to the Publisher in writing when the manuscript is delivered.
Publisher’s duties
10) The Publisher shall publish the Work within one year of the delivery of the completed manuscript. Failure to so publish shall give the Author the right to terminate this Agreement ninety days after giving written notice to the Publisher of the failure to publish.
11) The Publisher shall pay the Author 40% royalties on ebook sales made via selected ebook distributors to be paid quarterly by cheque or electronic transfer of funds on or within fifteen days of 1 March 1 June 1 September and 1 December. Royalties may be paid in any currency preferred by the Author but all calculations will be made in pounds sterling.
12) The Publisher shall place a copyright notice in the Author’s name or chosen pseudonym on all copies of the Work. The Author shall receive credit as follows:
13) The Publisher shall consult with the Author regarding the title of the Work, price and means of selling the Work. In case of disagreement the Publisher has final power of decision over all matters except the following controlled by the Author; character names book title and situations/descriptions contained therein. No changes shall be made in the complete manuscript of the Work by persons other than the Author except for reasonable copy editing unless the Author consents to such changes. Cover art is created at the discretion of the Publisher and shall not be a condition set forth by the Author.
14) The Publisher shall supply to the Author a complete set of electronic copies of the Work which may be submitted for review or retained for the Author’s files as preferred.
Author’s duties
15) The Author certifies that this is their original work and that they maintain the right to the material. Should any allegations of libel plagiarism or copyright infringement arise due to the content or previous publication of the Work the Author agrees to indemnify the Publisher against all liability, financial or otherwise.
16) The Author agrees to revise the Work on request by the Publisher. If the Author cannot revise the Work or declines to do so without good cause the Publisher shall have the right to have the Work revised by a person competent to do so.
17) The Author agrees to provide the Publisher, no later than the date of publication, details of a postal address at which he or she can reliably be contacted throughout the period of the Agreement. Failure to provide such an address or to give immediate notification of any change of address may result in royalties being withheld until the appropriate information becomes available.
18) The Author must have regular and reliable access to the Internet and be willing to engage with social media and with the promotion and marketing of the work as further described in clause 24 below. If this condition is likely to cause difficulty an accommodation between the parties must be arrived at before this Agreement is concluded.
Promotion and reputation
19) TThe Author consents to the use of either their real name or their chosen pseudonym for promotion or advertising of the Work provided that such use is dignified and consistent with the Author’s reputation.
20) The Author undertakes to do nothing which if associated with the Publisher could have a negative impact on its business undermine its public values or cause embarrassment bringing the name of the Publisher into disrepute.
21) If the Author has chosen to use a pseudonym the Author agrees not to construct a false biography to accompany the pseudonym and not to carry on correspondence with any party not being a party to this Agreement (“Third Party”) as if the pseudonym were the name of a real individual in such a way as would be likely to deceive or defraud the Third Party.
22) The Author shall not seek to use the pseudonym or the name of the Publisher in any attempt to raise funds for personal legal or medical expenses by means of any crowd-funding website or social media campaign without prior consultation with and the full written consent of the Publisher. No less than seven days will be required for this consultation.
23) Failure of the Author to comply with paragraphs 21 and 22 above shall be deemed to have brought the name of the Publisher into disrepute and will therefore constitute grounds for the immediate termination of this Agreement and the withdrawal from sale of the Work. In this event the rights will revert to the Author instantly and all outstanding royalties will be paid according to the Publisher’s established schedule.
24) The Author and Publisher will agree between them a plan for the appropriate promotion and marketing of the Work and both parties will undertake to complete the requirements of that plan within the time specified by the plan.
25) The Author may terminate this Agreement by written notice if:
(a) The Work goes out of print and the Publisher, within ninety days of receiving notice from the Author that the Work is out of print, does not place the Work in print again. A work shall be deemed out of print if it is not available for sale in reasonable quantities through the normal trade channels;
(b) If the Publisher fails to provide payment pursuant to paragraph 9 above; or
(c) If the Publisher fails to publish in a timely manner.
26) The Publisher may terminate this Agreement immediately by written notice:
(a) If the Author fails to supply a completed manuscript in accordance with in paragraph 8 above and no extension has been agreed;
(b) In the event of any actions by the Author in direct contravention of paragraphs 21 or 22 above.
27) This Agreement automatically terminates in the event of the Publisher’s insolvency and all rights to the Work revert to the Author with immediate effect. If the Author wishes to terminate this Agreement under any conditions save those outlined above the Author shall be liable for all reasonable costs and expenses incurred by the Publisher in terminating the Agreement.
28) This Agreement represents the entire Agreement between the parties. All modifications of this Agreement must be in writing and must be signed by both parties.
29) This Agreement shall be covered by the laws of England.
30) IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have signed this Agreement as of the date first set forth above.
Author: Date:
Publisher: on behalf of MANIFOLD PRESS