Scent of Lillies

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Today is the launch date for Sarah Ash’s  Scent of Lilies. We always like to ask our authors, Why? Why this story. Why Byzantium? Why this story? Sarah Ash Byzantium – the name conjures up so many associations, from the poetry of W.B. Yeats to the twisted machinations of courtiers and politicians, jostling to climb to the heights in a

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February is the most romantic month.

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Not sure what to buy for your sweetie? Having a night of romance on your own? Manifold Press brings you the perfect romantic collection from writers old and new. Rainbow Bouquet Pre-order price: £3.85 / $4.95* USD Price will increase on 14th February    *Amazon price may vary slightly with currency exchange rate fluctuations The collection kicks off with a

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A Trip to the Movies The Favourite

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So what did I think of The Favourite? First I wish you to follow me on my journey to the movie. I live near Newcastle-Under-Lyme. The Vue cinema is in a mall. As you go in, on the wall, is a mural of famous figures from the movies. When I say they are overwhelmingly men, I mean at a ratio

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The Seventh of December, by Garrick Jones

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Even in wartime London can still be glamorous, but for Tommy and his handsome American a secret mission for a Royal Duke puts life, love, freedom and the future of the world in desperate danger…   As bombs rain down over London during the Blitz, Major Tommy Haupner negotiates the rubble-filled streets of Bloomsbury on his way to perform at

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Call for Research News

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Manifold Press is a small LGBTQ+ Press. We are relaunching in January with a vision to publish LGBTQ+ novels and short stories which reflects the diversity of LGBTQ+ life over the centuries. We want novels which authenticate LGBTQ+ experiences of life and love in different periods and different places, and which explores the experiences of people of many ethnicities and

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For Your Information

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MANIFOLD PRESS wishes to announce the termination of our business relationship with JAY LEWIS TAYLOR and that we are removing all that author’s books from sale with immediate effect. Legal counsel emphasises that we are unable to enter into any correspondence on this matter.