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by Multiple Author Anthology

Patchwork Quiltbag by Manifold Press

A collection of three stories:

  • The Able and Virtuous Consorts by Erin Horáková, set in the women’s quarters of Imperial China.
  • Finding Port by G. Lawler relates a story of the flu epidemic which a hundred years ago killed millions across the globe
  • Love Never Lies by Gregory Norris, short contemporary story of love and politics

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The Able and Virtuous Consorts
Jili, the Virtuous Consort, is well aware of who truly runs the imperial household, so when an imperial edict instructs the Emporer's ladies to find pleasure with each other between his imperial majesty's visits, what does it mean that the Able Consort Lady Li - the brains behind this scheme - approaches Jili to become her lover?

Finding Port
Adam Tait, British Merchant Navy, (26) and Joseph O’Brien, NZ Army (18), engage, while crammed on a troopship sailing from New Zealand to England with 1200 other men, in 1918.
War had consumed 16 million dead, the Spanish Flu was about to consume 50 million more; homosexuality was viewed both as an insult to God, and a failure of duty, for which the consequences were dire.

Love Never Lies
Sonny Wettig is still recovering from local politician Steven Ranley having ended their secret relationship - but it's springtime so he forces himself outside and finds peace on a walk through the local woods. A seemingly chance encounter with a handsome stranger alerts him that the woods may be under threat from a house building scheme and Sonny suspects that Steven may be involved. But is the stranger really as virtuous as he appears to be?


Erin Horáková is a southern American writer and academic who lives in London. She's currently finishing up her thesis on the history of charm as artefact, literary effect and affect. She blogs at, where you can find information about her other SFF, erotica, historical fiction and nonfiction publications.
You can also find her on twitter, but she wouldn't recommend it.

Grace Lawler has been a nomad, working in the Solomon Islands, the Australian Outback, the glass canyons of Chicago and Santiago and all sorts of places in between. She has a Master of Science from MIT in Boston and is currently driving a desk in Southern New Zealand.
She likes steampunk, snowboarding, wine and good books. She has two loyal Tonkinese cats and a very zen Burmese to help her write, and a loving family and friends who remind her to human properly every once in a while. Look out for her upcoming fantasy novel Astral Exile, out December 2019.

Gregory L. Norris is a full-time professional writer, with work appearing in numerous fiction anthologies, national magazines, novels, and the occasional TV episode (and, so far, one produced feature film, Brutal Colors, which appeared on Amazon Prime in 2016). He once worked as a screenwriter on two episodes of Paramount's Star Trek: Voyager series and is a former writer for Sci Fi, the official magazine of the Sci Fi Channel (before all those ridiculous Ys invaded). Three times now, he’s garnered mentions in Ellen Datlow's Best Of The Year books, and two of his paranormal romance novels were published by Home Shopping Network for their "Escape With Love" line, the first time HSN has offered original novels to their global customers.

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