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Farah Mendlesohn/ November 13, 2018/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Manifold Press is a small LGBTQ+ Press. We are relaunching in January with a vision to publish LGBTQ+ novels and short stories which reflects the diversity of LGBTQ+ life over the centuries. We want novels which authenticate LGBTQ+ experiences of life and love in different periods and different places, and which explores the experiences of people of many ethnicities and of many faiths.

.One way we want to support authors is to point them towards research, old, recent, new, and in progress.

If you are engaged in such research we would love to receive 300-500 words summarising your work (self advertising is fine) and pointing people to where they can find out more. We will post it on our blog and maintain links to your work as a source for authors.


Farah Mendlesohn (Managing Editor)

Manifold Press

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