Working with the Press

If we’re keen to go ahead…

We’ll read your full manuscript – and if we want to publish it, then our editing team immediately swings into action. Please note that you may be asked to make changes at this stage. If the requested changes are major, we’ll discuss them with you before contracts are signed. This gives you the option to withdraw the story, if you feel you can’t work with us after all.

It follows that, once the contract is signed, we would expect any suggested changes to be relatively minor. All our publications are checked by professional proof-readers with the aim of producing your work to the highest possible standards. We appreciate your cooperation in this.

You can read more about the Manifold Press Editing and Proofreading Process on the following page.

If your story has already been circulated…

If your story has been previously published or circulated in any format, we ask you to withdraw it before the contract is signed to avoid potential accusations of plagiarism. Please let us know about any other versions of your story that are or were in circulation. We want to avoid any surprises or embarrassments, for your sake as well as ours.

Importantly, if you are reworking your own fan fiction, then it must become a significantly different work in order for us to offer it for sale as original fiction.

Other details…

You will be asked to declare that the story is your own work. If this turns out not to be so, we’ll remove your title from sale immediately, and everybody loses. Please don’t put us or our readers in this unpleasant position.

We will ask you for a postal address where you can be reached throughout the period of the contract. This can be a friend or relative’s address if your plans are uncertain, but must be a reliable means of reaching you with the minimum possible delay. This is in addition to a reliable e-mail address.

Lead-time from acceptance of your story to publication will vary but will never be less than three months and is more likely to be six or nine months depending on our schedule. We’ll discuss this with you on a case-by-case basis.

We will consult with you about the illustration used in the cover design. However, our standard cover formats are part of our established business identity, which we’re very keen to retain.

If there’s anything we haven’t mentioned or you would like to have clarified, please don’t hesitate to ask! You can email us care of

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