F.M. Parkinson

F.M. Parkinson lives in the West Country of England and has had a career in Cataloguing, dealing with many different types of items including archaeological aerial photographs, books and journals, archival documents and museum artefacts.

Writing for pleasure and sharing stories with friends has been a fascinating pastime for some thirty years. Other interests vary from a lifelong passion for philately, to on-going genealogical research, and attempts to keep one – and latterly two – large gardens looking interesting.

Favourite reads include the detective novels of Margery Allingham and D.L. Sayers, the mediaeval whodunnits of Ellis Peters and the Cold War espionage thrillers of Anthony Price.


… the best example of historical romance, cause it manages to remain realistic but at the same time delivers a romantic love story. THE WALLED GARDEN reviewed by Elisa Rolle

This is a slow paced and beautiful story full of charm, written with finesse and patience where nothing is rushed. Each feeling and emotion have time to take root, grow and then finally bloom. This narrative spans three years and it’s simply about life and its unavoidable dramas, but it’s neither overly melodramatic nor boring. F.M. Parkinson always seems to be able to keep it in check in a very subtle, subdued and clever manner that stays very consistent and always believable. THE WALLED GARDEN reviewed by Confessions from Romaholics


WALLED-GARDENby F.M. Parkinson

William Ashton, retained as a gardener by Edward Hillier, discovers his new master to be a detached and driven man. Over the years, as travail and tragedy bring them closer together, he understands that they have more in common than he first realised, but the affection they feel for one another will be sorely tested by boundaries both of class and of rigid Victorian morality. Like the private garden behind the high walls their love must flourish only in the strictest secrecy – or else it will not do so at all.

102,000 words/356 pages

Publication 1 May 2012

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