Cimorene Ross

CimoreneI am a retired cataloguer, a retired Media and Fantasy fan from the days of classic Star Trek onwards, a mostly retired American Civil War re-enactor, and current minder of two Russian Blue ladies (also retired!). I have a long time interest in history, mostly ancient and classical but venture into the realms of the medieval world except for the unnecessary Tudors. Since retiring I have taken up patchwork, gardening and village activities, being well known for being unable to resist buying perennials!


The characters and places are brought to life in vivid colourful detail. I never got bored and the writing is expressive, the author eloquently conveying the characters thoughts and feelings allowing the reader to feel immersed in the story. … the timeless story of two men from different walks of life growing to love one another, learning about each other. THE EAGLE’S WING reviewed by Mrs Condit Reads Books

… not an easy, light or sexy reading, but it was for sure an original Gay romance, out of the thousand of titles you can find out there. THE EAGLE’S WING reviewed by Elisa Rolle


200-Eagles-Wingby Cimorene Ross

Roman Gaul: Lucius Valerius Carus isn’t naturally impulsive; when he suddenly and unexpectedly buys a slave at a market it’s because he feels sorry for a man who has obviously been maltreated in the past.  However he’s taken on far more than he bargained for with Keret – intelligent, educated, and a great deal stronger than he looks. Roman society wouldn’t think twice about Lucius using Keret for his sexual pleasure – indeed, it would be astonished if he didn’t – but it’s likely to be horrified if it ever learns that Lucius has started to respect his slave, and absolutely disgusted if it discovers that he’s gradually beginning to fall in love …

100,000 words/318 pages

Publication 1 August 2013

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