Jane Elliot

Jane ElliotJane Elliot has been writing novels, short stories, and screenplays for many years and has been published in several US magazines.

She believes that fiction can help promote understanding and acceptance of alternative and marginalized societal groups and most of her writing is focused on relationships, be they platonic or romantic, between individuals from all walks of life.


Bottom Line: Female driven suspense novel with great action and dialogue and terrific character development. Highly recommended! SMOOTHIE reviewed by The Romance Reviews

The writing in this story is amazing. RANDY reviewed by Love Bytes

What a surprise and unexpected amount of awesome this book was. … [It] will make you smile for the unusual romance, and crazy fun characters. ABOVE ALL reviewed by Pants Off Reviews

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Adam Fitzroy

Adam FitzroyImaginist and purveyor of tall tales Adam Fitzroy is a UK resident who has been successfully spinning male-male romances either part-time or full-time since the 1980s, and has a particular interest in examining the conflicting demands of love and duty.


If you love mysteries – especially the classic whodunnit – and if you don’t mind the undertones in terms of physical affection, you can’t go wrong with this book. IN DEEP reviewed by Prism Book Alliance

It reads with all the credibility of opening a time capsule. MAKE DO AND MEND reviewed by Gerry B’s Book Reviews

This book is a perfect example of character-driven plot in my opinion. Jon and Callum are two of the most interesting, multi-layered characters I have “met” in gay romances so far. STAGE WHISPERS reviewed by Reviews by Jessewave

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Michelle Peart

Michelle PeartI am a writer, a designer, and a lover of the fantastical. During the past two years, I have completed four writing courses, two at an advanced level, and passed all with Distinction.

TO THE LEFT OF YOUR NORTH STAR is my debut novel.

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Eleanor Musgrove

Eleanor MusgroveEleanor Musgrove was born in a seaside town on the South Coast of England, where she developed a love of writing when she was very young. Other ambitions – and homes – have come and gone, but she has always wanted to be an author. After lots of practice, both through writing fan fiction and through participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) most years, SUBMERGE is her first novel. She’s pretty excited about it!

When she’s not writing or reading, Eleanor enjoys going to the theatre, walks in the woods, and getting far too emotionally invested in films and TV shows. She graduated from the University of Kent in 2014 with a BSc in Multimedia Technology and Design, and hopes to one day put it to good use.

If you’d like to keep up with Eleanor’s writing journey, or let her know what you think of her book, she keeps a blog at eamusgrove.wordpress.com.

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Morgan Cheshire

MW2A resident of the north-west of England, Morgan Cheshire has had a lifelong interest in botany and ecology and has recently developed taste for genealogy too – and rapidly discovered a colourful family history to explore! She is also a patchworker and quilter, a gardener when time permits, and the enthusiastic grandmother of four boys and two girls. She has been creating and sharing fiction for more than thirty years, but has only recently ventured into the realms of professional publication.


The writing is elegant and gentle. The characters of Daniel and Harrison are perfectly set in the time of the story, at no time did I ever not think I was in Victorian England. ALWAYS WITH US reviewed by Mrs Condit Reads Books

I was quite pleasantly surprised … The plot kept me guessing, which is always good. SOLEMN CONTRACT reviewed by Speak its Name

The characters absolutely charmed me — Jem Bradley who would do anything for his family, including becoming an indentured servant, even if his profession was so far from farming, and Will Middleton, who would do anything to help the innocent to obtain justice. SOLEMN CONTRACT reviewed by Reviews by Jessewave

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R.A. Padmos

RA PadmosIn no particular order: woman, writer, in a relationship with my wife since 1981 (though we had to wait until 2001 until we could actually get married), mother of two grown sons, owner of cats (I can pretend, can’t I?), reader and a lot more.

I started to write stories when I was nine or ten, and haven’t stopped ever since. I published a novel and other fiction and non-fiction. But the internet changed everything, because I discovered there’s a lot more women (and quite a few men) interested in reading and writing m/m stories. And so Ravages happened!


This is a well written, sweet story that readily defines the attitudes, dangers, and scheming required to successfully navigate life as a gay man in the 1960s. … it is a lovely book with engaging characters that I am thankful to have been able to read. IN THE PRIVACY OF THEIR HOME reviewed by Divine Magazine

… a wonderful story (but not for the faint of heart) … It’s a book well worth reading if you want to be amazed by just how strong the power of love can be. If you like your romance with a heavy dose of reality, please read this book. I think it will change you in some way, just as it did me. RAVAGES reviewed by Miz Love Loves Books

While the story starts with horrific violence, it is also one of the most romantic books I have ever read. RAVAGES reviewed by Reviews by Jessewave

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Farah Mendlesohn

Farah Mendlesohn grew up in Birmingham in the 1970s where she attended the King David Jewish School. She acquired a passion for Birmingham History at school. Later she discovered the world of historical romances. She began writing fiction after teaching creative writing at Middlesex University and then at Anglia Ruskin University for several years and wondering if she could put into practice what she taught. She lives in the Midlands with far too many books, her partner, and two siamese cats.

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Jay Lewis Taylor

Ready To Start. Self Portrait, 1917 by William Orpen

Ready To Start. Self Portrait, 1917 by William Orpen

Despite having spent most of my life in Surrey and Oxfordshire, I now live in Somerset, within an hour’s drive of the villages where two of my great-great-great-grandparents were born. I have worked in a wide range of libraries in my time, but am in fact a thwarted medievalist with a strong arts background.

I have been writing fiction for over thirty years, exploring the lives of people who are on the margins in one way or another, and how the power of love and language can break down the walls that we build round ourselves.


From page one, I was luxuriating in the language. Not to worry, the story isn’t told in Olde English necessarily, but definitely in the cadence and terminology and colloquialisms of the time. It fits that and the characters. I was giddy. Jay Lewis Taylor knows exactly how to manipulate the words and create a mountain-high fountain of literary chocolate, flowing and gorgeous and almost too much to handle. THE PEACOCK’S EYE reviewed by Prism Book Alliance

The story takes more after a historical novel with gay characters than after an m/m romance in period costumes, which is noteworthy, and should please historical fans. Readers who  favour elegance and delicacy in their stories should also enjoy it as long as they don’t mind the romance burning slowly in the back seat. DANCE OF STONE reviewed by Boys in Our Books

The characters are mature people with senses of humor filled with warm, wry natures. Happiness and sarcasm go hand in hand. By the middle of chapter three, character development was at an obviously high level. DANCE OF STONE reviewed by Prism Book Alliance

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by Jay Lewis Taylor

An officer never, ever goes adrift in the Gut, the most infamous street in Malta. However John Amery, Surgeon RN, loses his way, his innocence and his virginity there one December night of 1908 when he meets Pasco Teague.

From Malta to Devonport to Gallipoli, from the Mediterranean to the Channel to the Dardanelles, John and Pasco meet and part, in peace and war and peace again. Duty and Pasco are the fixed points in John’s life, but there comes a time when he has no power over either and must find his way to another kind of peace.

41,000 words / 152 pages 

Publication 1 February 2018

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Elin Gregory

Elin GregoryElin Gregory lives in South Wales and has been making stuff up since 1958. Writing has always had to take second place to work and family but now the kids are grown up it’s possible she might finish one of the many novels on her hard drive and actually DO something useful with it.

Historical subjects predominate. She has written about ancient Greek sculptors, 18th century seafarers but also about modern men who change shape at will and how echoes of the past can be heard in the present. Heroes tend to be hard as nails but capable of tenderness when circumstances allow.

There are always new works on the go and she is currently writing about the Great War, editing a contemporary romance and doing background reading for a story set in Roman Britain.


Elin Gregory is a great story teller. THE BONES OF OUR FATHERS reviewed by Books Laid Bare Boys

What an utterly delightful time I had reading this! Another new-to-me-author, Elin Gregory, completely lived up to the glowing reviews I’d seen for other books. She transported this Florida lady into the middle of a small Welsh village and if it wasn’t so cold, I’d move there. THE BONES OF OUR FATHERS reviewed by Hearts on Fire Reviews

Gregory displays a deft hand at crafting historical espionage with a classic touch, which is then enhanced by the touching romance. ELEVENTH HOUR reviewed by The Novel Approach

… the feeling of period was incredibly strong, I felt as if I were there. ELEVENTH HOUR reviewed by Prism Book Alliance

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