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Manifold Press, based in the UK, is a collaboration between three British writers of same-sex fiction with something like a century of experience between them.

Chris Quinton’s name was already well-known in the genre; her previous work had appeared with other reputable publishers and we are delighted to be able to introduce some of her newer titles.

Fiona Pickles has been writing and editing under various names since the late 1970s and just doesn’t know when to give up; putting this together was largely her idea, so if it all goes wrong you know who to blame.

Morgan Cheshire started out by keeping a low profile, but has gradually taken a more active part in proceedings; without her practical and (im)moral support this project could not possibly have got this far!

Julie Bozza joined us unofficially early in our first year, and has since become a highly valued permanent member of the team … but not so valued that we don’t liken her Machiavellian laughter to that of a demented duck.

From the left: Chris Quinton, Julie Bozza, Morgan Cheshire, and Fiona Pickles.

From the left: Chris Quinton, Julie Bozza, Morgan Cheshire, and Fiona Pickles.

Read the next page Out to Lunch for a tale of how it all began…

Our team also includes a lovely and occasionally bewildering variety of other people. We are ably supported by:

  • Zee at Two Marshmallows, our essential and very much appreciated professional proofreading and editing consultant.
  • F.M. Parkinson, a wonderful historical novelist in her own right, and an indefatigable proofreader and copy-editor.
  • Heloise Mezen, one of our manuscript readers, and a tenacious fact-checker. Read more about her – along with Oxford and the Great War – in this blog post.
  • Wolfbane, another stalwart proofreader and fact-checker. (You can tell we take this stuff seriously, can’t you?)
  • Michelle Peart, who designs our new-look covers and also writes. You can visit her blog at The Copper River.

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