Barry Brennessel

Born and raised in New York State, currently residing in the Washington, D.C. metro region, and eventually returning to his beloved city of Seattle, Barry has one foot planted in the past (an avid collector of antique lamps, telephones, and periodicals) and one foot in the future (space travel!).

In addition to writing, Barry enjoys gardening, travel, film and television, theatre, wine, chocolate … and more chocolate!


While I would have loved a longer story of these two characters, this region, I’ll take what I can get. Beautiful storytelling from a wonderful author. The story ANH SANG in A PRIDE OF POPPIES reviewed by On Top Down Under

Barry Brennessel knows how to write innocent and tender love juxtaposed against a tough time, particularly first love. He has an ability to write characters that speak to me on such a visceral level … The novel ANH SANG reviewed by On Top Down Under

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