Dorian Dawes

dorian-dawesDorian Dawes is a self-described social justice witch and full-time gender disaster. They also like to write things. Their work attempts to bring a diverse queer perspective into the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genres. When not writing they can be found watching horror movies, playing too many videogames, or hiding from the existential horror of it all beneath a black, fuzzy blanket.


This was a real sit the edge of the seat, keep your eye on the shadows and trust absolutely no one book. After a slow start, I thoroughly enjoyed it and can recommend it to anyone who has a love for creeping horror, ritualistic murder and things with more tentacles than they’ve any business to have – oh and a damn sexy, green gorgon with scales. HARBINGER ISLAND reviewed by Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews

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2 thoughts on “Dorian Dawes

  1. This is one of the best up and coming authors I have ever had the pleasure to discover, his book is truly an amazing work of art. What a gifted writer! It is like reading colorful poetry that completely sucks you into a world of mystery and magic. Bravo, Dorian Dawes, you’re f*cking amazing!!!! Cannot wait for new releases

    • Thank you, Kyrah! We’re delighted that you enjoyed Dorian’s book so much. I remember that Fiona was waxing lyrical along similar lines when she was editing. Thank you again for commenting.

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