We publish LGBTQIA fiction and romance with plot – mystery, adventure etc. – set either in the present or the historical past or in alternate versions of them, sometimes with a supernatural twist. If you like your e-books the way you like your coffee – whether short and dark, hot and steamy, or rich and indulgent – you’ll find something to suit your taste here.


New titles

Our new titles published on 1 August accurately reflect the balance of our wider output, with one meticulously-researched historical novel and one engagingly quirky contemporary tale, and there’s also an extra treat in store for fans of historical fiction in the form of an Espresso Shot!  We hope you’ll be as excited about this deliciously varied selection of stories as we are…


It’s wonderful to have a new novel from Morgan Cheshire this time around!  A TIME TO KEEP is the bitter-sweet story of Matthew, workhouse boy turned lock-keeper, whose love for Ben is cruelly interrupted by the First World War.  Fans of English Edwardiana and Great War fiction should enjoy this one very much.



Accompanying it we have THE BONES OF OUR FATHERS by Elin Gregory; there’s dirty work at the dig when museum curator Malcolm and contractor Rob become entangled in one another and in also the machinations of money-mad developers and treasure-seekers.  Extraordinary measures may need to be employed, in what we’re calling a ‘Gregorian classic’…


By way of a bonus, we’re happy to welcome back R.A. Padmos’s Second World War story LIKE PEOPLE, originally published by us in 2016 but withdrawn immediately as the result of a technical glitch.  This has now been resolved, and we’re making the book available to purchase again from 1 July 2017.


Where to find us

If you’d like to meet up in person, various members of the Manifold Press family can be found attending events such as:

Meanwhile, stay in touch virtually and join us on the constantly-evolving adventure that is independent e-book publishing! You can follow our adventures on our “Coffee House” blog.